What Causes Bicycle Accidents In Florida?

Bicycling is a popular form of transportation and recreation in the state of Florida. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are all too common, and when they occur, it’s important to understand what caused them. Below, we discuss some of the most common causes of bicycle accidents in Florida.

Driver Negligence

The most common cause of serious bicycle accidents is driver negligence. This can include driving recklessly or failing to yield the right-of-way to bicyclists in intersections. It can also include speeding, tailgating, distracted driving, or impaired driving due to alcohol or drugs. In some cases, drivers may simply not be paying attention and fail to see a cyclist on the road until it’s too late.

Road Hazards

Poorly maintained roads can create hazardous conditions that may also lead to bicycle accidents. Potholes and other imperfections can cause cyclists to lose control and crash into other vehicles or objects on the side of the road. Debris from car accidents can also cause cyclists to swerve into traffic when avoiding it isn’t possible. Poor visibility due to overgrown foliage along the roadside can make it difficult for cyclists and drivers alike to spot each other in time to avoid an accident.

Defective Bicycle Parts

Another potential cause of bicycle accidents is defective parts on the bike itself. If a component such as brakes fails while you are riding, then this could lead directly or indirectly (due to sudden swerving) into an accident with another vehicle or object on the side of the road.
Bicycle crashes happen every day in Florida due to many different factors, such as driver negligence, road hazards, and even defective parts on bicycles themselves. If you were involved in a serious bike crash, contact DM Law today so our experienced attorneys can help you get compensated for any injuries resulting from your accident!

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