What Is the Role of a Commercial Litigation vs. Civil Litigation Attorney?

If you are involved in a legal dispute, you may be wondering whether you need a commercial or civil litigation attorney. The answer depends on the type of dispute you are involved in.

Commercial litigation is a broad category of legal disputes that arise in the context of business transactions and can involve any number of business law issues.

Civil litigation, on the other hand, generally refers to lawsuits brought to light by one individual, or business, against another to resolve a personal injury or property damage claim. Examples of civil litigations include: car accident lawsuits, slip and fall cases, and breach of contract disputes.

What types of disputes do commercial litigations involve?

Commercial litigations typically involve disputes arising out of business transactions. Common examples of commercial disputes include: breach of contract, fraud, trademark infringement, and unfair competition.

What is the role of a commercial litigation attorney?

A commercial litigation attorney is one who specializes in resolving commercial disputes. They work with you to understand the facts regarding your case, and to help you determine what options are available to you. They will also represent you in court if necessary. DM Law, for example, has experience with various business law issues and can help resolve your disputes, promptly and efficiently.

How is commercial litigation different from civil litigation?

While commercial and civil litigation both involve legal disputes, they differ in the type of disputes that they deal with. Commercial litigations are typically broader in scope and involve disputes arising from business transactions, while civil litigations are typically more focused on personal injury and property damage claims. Commercial litigation can also, generally, involve a variety of different types of disputes.

If you are involved in a commercial dispute, you should consult an experienced attorney who can help you understand your options and who will represent you in court. DM Law is a commercial litigation law firm with experience in handling various business law issues. Contact DM  Law today for a consultation.

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